The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism (Epiphany)

The Lord is coming on the earth. Amen, amen, amen. I proclaim Myself within My coming. I lay down as a spirit of peace over the garden of My word. I strengthen the pillars of My gates to stand according to My will, and I send My word to the earth and I do the work of My coming.

I am coming and baptizing the earth into My word. I am coming to sink the earth into My word as in water, to baptize it into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and then to be new, to be then from heaven, like the new man through the baptism of faith and of the Holy Spirit through repentance. I become a baptizer. My word is the river of life, the water in which I sink the earth, for all and everything have been waiting for a new heaven and a new earth. My word is the Jordan that flows from top down and is divided into four branches, which baptize the earth. He is the river of life, and who bows to drink from it never gets thirsty for anything and stands within My coming. Blessed is the one who appeases his thirst and his searching, being baptized into the water of the river of life, into the word of life.

During these days every man on the earth should come to the Jordan of life, to the water of My word, which flows from heaven over his garden, so that a baptism of the Holy Spirit may be done over every man on the earth. And behold, I am the One Who send My word so that he peoples may long for it and to say: «Let us go up to the Lord’s mountain, so that He may teach us His ways to walk in them». It is written into the prophets: «In the last days, the mountain of the Lord’s temple will be higher than all the tops of the mountains and its peak will be exalted above all heights and nations will stream to them, for the Lord will be on them, Who will judge the peoples and impart justice to all strong nations and to all the margins. The Lord will turn the lame into a remnant and those that are tired into a strong nation, and I will reign over them into the name of Zion forever». Amen.

I am the One Who has been working over the earth from Creation to this day, and I will work further to accomplish all that was written about Me in the law of Moses, in the prophets and in Psalms. Amen. It is written into the Scriptures about the new birth of the world, about the making of the new man, after My image and likeness, and I fulfill and will fulfill it. Amen. The image of the new man is the revelation of the Holy Spirit put in the man by Me, shining from the man over every creature. And there will be one Lord, one faith and one baptism over every creature, for My word will go and baptize everywhere, as the waters of Jordan became holy by My baptism from John, and they made holy the nature of the waters from the waters in waters, from margins to margins, from heaven to earth, from above the heaven and down beneath the earth, for I was the One waited by every creature, and I fulfilled the prophecy which says: «The Lord will shake once again, not only the earth but also the heaven». Amen.

The water is the mystery of the new birth. When I made the heaven and the earth, I took them out of the waters and I placed them into their eternal laws. I divided the waters from waters and I put the heaven into their midst, the expanse of the sky. Then I said that the waters from under the sky be gathered together to one place and thus the seas were made, and the dry land appeared out of them, and then the earth put forth grass and fruit trees, after that the water from above came down as rain over the earth. Behold, the water is the mystery of birth. The first land appeared from water. The second earth also appeared from water, and then I came and made the waters holy, baptizing them for the birth of the man from water, Spirit and blood, for I came to work out the eternal birth of the man who comes to birth.

Behold the birth of the man on the earth starts with the death and with the sin, and the birth of the man in heaven starts with the water and with the repentance by baptism. The repentance is the birth of the man from heaven, and if this is the birth, where is the church on the earth? Let her come and testify about its born ones! Let her come! And if she does not come, I, the Lord, command My angel to bring her and appear with Me, to show her born ones, and to show the fruit of the repentance of her sons. But she is a harlot, who deceived her husband giving him a certificate of divorce. The fruit of repentance dried out in her, and the saints came out of her, for she became a great city with which the kings of the earth commit fornication, as it is written in the Scripture about her; the Scriptures that she does not want to hear about; she does not want to leave them for the truth in them and closes her eyes about them so that she may not see. I, the Lord, had to be her husband, her bridegroom, but she chose fornication and not repentance. She sits on many waters, as it is written in the Scriptures about her, as she made many waters of her fornication with the kings of the earth, and sits on many waters: «The prostitute, with the cup of her abominations in her hand, which her lovers drank from and become intoxicated, sits on their back, drunken with the blood of My saints». I, the Lord, make her naked, so that the deeds of her fornication may be seen, for I sent her the cleansing water, for her to wash of her immoralities and abominations that she sits with on a high place into the hearts of the seas; I sent her the spirit of repentance to be baptized into it. She sits in her blood and there is nothing of that kind, for the birth is repentance, which has the power by the water baptism, upon the faith in Christ, and then, by the baptism with the Holy Spirit, Which is the fruit of those that are baptized into the baptism of repentance, which washes away the sins into the water and into repentance. Behold, the water is the mystery of the creature’s birth and the mystery of the new man’s birth by repentance and water and then by the seal of the Holy Spirit which shines seven times more than the sun in those who are baptized by My baptism. Amen.

I clothed Myself in man. I took over the image of the man to wrap around the glory of My godhead and to come and show the birth to the man, the mystery of the birth from above. I taught the man to condemn the sin in his own body, for I took the image of Adam, the image of the man created by God, and I draw near to the water of Jordan two thousand years ago, for there, John, who was prophesied by the prophets, was calling the people to repentance so that they may be illuminated within their conscience and to receive Me, the One prophesied by Moses’ law, through the prophets and psalms. And he was washing them of their sins into the water of Jordan and was making Me room into their hearts. Then I came bowing, as one who repents, so that through My bowing down at Jordan under John’s hand, who was making Me way to the people, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit could be seen through the water and through the mystery of the water; the Father speaking about Me; I showing Myself as the light of the world, and the Holy Spirit confirming the threefold working worshipping the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in a perfect way, at the river Jordan. And, within these days, after two thousand years since My birth from the water and the Holy Spirit, I have born testimony about Myself, the New Man, the beginning of the new world, which will inherit the new age. I celebrate Myself, getting out of the waters of the Jordan two thousand years ago, the New Man, with a life giving spirit and with a feast of Epiphany on every man who has a perfect repentance to the forgiveness of the sins. And the forgiveness is proved out on the man through the receiving of the Holy Spirit, Who is the image of God in man, through the church, as the Scripture speaks about the creature of the new man.

Behold the church! She is the man whose image has the Holy Spirit on it by the deeds of the holiness and by the prayer which binds the man to Me. In the these days I overcome with the mystery of My church against the worldly church which calls itself a church, but it is not a church, rather it is the great city with a secret name on it, the great city which has authority upon the kings of the earth. And I said to My saints who follow Me into the world: «Get out of it, My people, so that you may not taste of her sins and thus to receive her beatings!». Amen. Her lying work is written in all the Scripture, for the antichrist found for him a hidden place under a church garment all the time, his secret place, his secret name, while the saints, who are a church to Me, are called by a bad name for their way with Me. In these days I come and disclose the work hidden under the name of the church, and I will uncover the body of him who works against Me from under the secret name of the harlot who put on her head the name of Christ’s church, but she is the false Christ who took My coat, My house and My book. But I come soon, and here, I come and weed out My vineyard and put upon it the new birth, the mystery of the man’s birth by repentance and water, and then by the fire of the Holy Spirit Which burns the old man so that a new man may come out of him, dressed in the Holy Spirit, Which makes God shine in the man. And over the garden of My word from the midst of Romania, I speak and sanctify the mystery of the birth of water and spirit and say: hallowed be the waters of My garden through Me and through the saints who stand before Me! Hallowed be by the word and by the river of My word, which flows like water that waters the earth! Hallowed be this Epiphany day, and blessed be the praise of Jerusalem!

Jerusalem, praise the Lord! Praise your God, Zion, for the Lord strengthened your gates and blessed your sons within you. Amen. Behold, I became a baptizer. I baptize the earth with the Holy Spirit and with fire. I hold My cleansing tool into My hand and I clean the threshing floor and I gather My wheat into My lap and throw the chaff into the fire.

The water is the mystery of birth for repentance. Repentance is man’s birth, and the Holy Spirit shows the forgiveness of the man, the new birth of the man. The receiving of the Holy Spirit is the reward of the man who is sanctifying through repentance and through the works of the holiness. This water is the mystery of the birth of the man from God and of the eternal life, as I promised to those who believe in Me, being baptized by the baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of the sins, for the birth of the man from God.

I am the One Who send My word to the earth, so that all the nations may hear and say: «Let us go to the mountain of the Lord, so that He may teach us His ways to walk in them». Amen. During these days, I, the Lord, reign over the remnant of the nations in the name of Zion and overcome by the mystery of the church and watch from its top for the fulfillment of My promises by which I declare and say: grace upon grace upon it! Amen, amen, amen.