The Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Spiridon

My people, My people, I, the Lord, come again to you and I set down as word in you. I come, son, to you to measure your creature. Amen. I work over you with a threefold blessing, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The saints want to compare with you, and you should not let Me down, son, as the saints of My heaven have great honor for you, for they see, who you are; they see My work with you, My people. The saints look at My word with you, and they feed on My word as you do, and the saints want you to hear and to understand My word by the ear of the spirit, as they do, not by the ear of the body. Everybody hears from God by the ear of the body, but the body is of no use to the spirit, and it stands against it, as it is written: «The Spirit lusts against the flesh, and the flesh against the Spirit». The entire world is flesh and celebrates its feasts in the flesh, even if it, the world, makes use of My days of feasts. The world has turned My days of feast upside down, and I have no more joy from the joys of the world, as the joys of the world are for the world, not for Me and not for My saints.

My Romanian people celebrates the feast of My birth among the people today, and the heaven celebrates the hierarch Spiridon, for this celebration is also held in heaven today. Everything is upside down on the earth, and I went as word among the great people of the Romanian people, and among those, who call themselves the church of the Romanian people, and I told them to set down with the heavenly ones, and to put back to their place, those that were changed from their place, as the saints of My heaven, always, always ask Me: «Lord, until when?».

It is not the celebration of My birth today, and the world celebrates itself and not Me. The world rejoices without Me, as this is how the world got used to do. But you, My people, are not from the world, as I am also not from the world. I, son, do not have room with those of Mine in the world, as you also do not have any room in it. The world rejoices and you cry with Me of My mourning and of My saints’, but My day is coming when the world will cry for its morning, and you will rejoice with My joy, as this is written in the Scripture. I travail again for the world, as you also do, but after this birth, we will forget about pains for joy, that the world that was not born from above, was born from heaven now. It is written that he, who is not born from above, cannot be of the heavenly kingdom on the earth, and behold, the world is the king on the earth, and it would like to be in heaven likewise, but the heaven is that which is not seen, as the eyes of the body do not see the Lord and those from heaven of the Lord.

I come, My people, to measure your creature. I come to you on the earth with a bishop celebration. The bishop Spiridon (Saint Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous, r.n.) was a heavenly wonder on the earth. I had no one else like him among the bishops on the earth. This really was a man pleased to Me, a humble man like Me, and a gentle and humble man in his heart, a man who helped God on the salvation of the human kind. There are no longer such people like bishop Spiridon today. What shall I do with the bishops with a human school? They cannot do what saint Spiridon did. Those of today are ashamed of the holiness. Those of today laugh at the holy one and consider him just one of them, as it happened with My bishop, whom I used for the new beginning of the world, for the beginning of the word of the new birth of the world, but he was not let to be holy and righteous. The envy of the worldly bishops pulled out the new brick from under him that I, the Lord, placed through him on the earth, for the beginning of the new birth of the world, as I prophesied and promised to My twelve apostles.

Oh, My people, I declare joy to you. The twelve apostles sat down for Israel on the twelve seats that I, the Lord, gave them by My promise of that time. They heard from Me, the word delivered over the nation of Israel, their people according to the flesh, the people that now I call to come and receive My word; the word of the One, Who was crucified by the people of Israel, for the nations of the earth received the word of salvation and come to the faith of salvation by My word, which comes before Me as a sign of repentance for the people, and for My coming; however, Israel, according to the flesh, has My twelve apostles as its interceders, who are Jews according to the flesh, as I also am Jew according to the flesh, for the salvation comes from the Jews, as it is written into the Scriptures. My apostles sat down to judge the cause of the twelve tribes of Israel, and this judgment is being done through Me, the Word of God over the Ro-manian people, so that the nations of the earth may hear, and that My people Israel may also hear and get up, as Christ, the Anointed of the Father, the Messenger sent from heaven on to the earth two thousand years ago in the flesh in Israel; however, today He is sent as word into the Romanian people; the Christ, the One, Who is prophesied by the prophets to be the Messiah from heaven; the Christ, Who comes again the second time from the Father, to save the world with His salvation. Amen, amen, amen.

The Lord, Jesus Christ is coming and making a salvation feast on earth, a feast of the world’s new birth. The Lord comes and announces Himself that He comes. Amen.

My apostles have seated on the twelve seats of righteousness and start to write the ones in Israel who will come to salvation in the name of Christ, the Messiah come from heaven two thousand years ago, and will call their number after the tribes, as it is written in the Scriptures, and the saved ones from the people of Israel will be united to the Romanian people in My name, and will announce Me, the Christ Who comes to be with the saved ones.

My apostles were and are Jews, and are the Jerusalem from above, together with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and with the people of Israel, holy in all ages and with all from the nations of the world which received the faith in Christ through My twelve apostles, the disciples who also raised for themselves disciples like them in all the nations of the earth, from then on and until now, and they are the saints of the heaven, in heaven and on earth, for Jerusalem is built out of the saints, in heaven and on earth, amen; of saints not of stones or bricks, but of new people and holy in their living, with the spirit, the body and their soul. Amen.

My apostles from the Jews have seated on the twelve seats of righteousness to intercede to Me, together with you, My people of disciples, for the nation of Israel after the body, for I did not forget My promises delivered for them and which do not take from upon it.

Oh, My people, the time has come for the new birth of the world and Israel, which was My people and no longer is. But the one from Israel which will get up with repentance to receive Me as a word of My second coming, that one will be My people by the promises delivered for the remnant of Israel, which will rise and intercede with Me for the whole Israel, and I, the Lord, will have mercy on the one who receives Me as his Master and Bridegroom coming from the Father as the word on the earth, and then a visible body, body and word, word and body, the Christ of the Father. Amen. And the nations will become Christian and will live a Christian life and rejoice of such a living, for the world does not know what joy means. The world did not want to be left of its own, and the world has no head, and its church is worldly, not heavenly, and is discovered before God and this is how it prays to God, but it cannot be this way for it is written: «Any woman praying to God with her head unveiled dishonors her head, and the head of the woman is her husband». Any church praying to God with its head unveiled, dishonors her head, and the head of the church has to be Christ, for Christ is the husband of the church, the Bridegroom of the church if the church is the bride, and if it is not the bride it is not Christ’s church, but is a worldly and not a Christian church. The Christ’s church has a Christian living and a Christian feast, but look, the Romanian churches wanted to be left on its own head and spoiled its holidays, and removed the holy times from their places, and it is no longer a church, for it is a church without saints, for each moment has its own blessing and each day testifies about its saints.

Let Mine and My saints’ celebrations come back to their places, for I call out again with this call upon the Romanian people that I want to be Christian on the land of My righteousness. I made out of the Romanian land, the land of My word, the land of righteousness, for My word is righteousness on earth, and I will make out of the Romanian land a land of My Christians, and the Christians are they who have a living like Mine and a name like Mine.

Oh, My people, I came to you to weigh your deed. The world rejoices of choice food, with pork meat and strong drinks, and says that it celebrates My birth. But the world butchers pigs, cattle, sheep and poultry to eat and enjoy its celebration, and the Lord’s celebration with the man are not this way. Now it has to be a time of fasting until the day of My birth celebration, (On January 7 after the current Gregorian rite again, r.n.) and you, Romania, butcher pigs and shed blood in the time of fasting. Oh, the blood should not be shed in the time of fasting, teaching and holiness for your preparation for the welcome of My birth celebration. You removed two Sundays from their place for you thought that you can turn the times back, and you did, as it is written in the Scriptures: «They will make bold to change the times».

You should know, Romania, you should know that the feast for the welcome of My birth’s celebration is not over, and you overlook the saint’s ordinances, and they are upset with you and your fathers and I always hear them saying to Me:

— Lord, how long is it until placing us back to our places? Lord, we want to do good to the people, and the people hurt us. Lord, redeem our places for the antichrist drew us out from the church and took our place, coat and house, and the church is without saints, and it does not know its sickness; it does not know where its suffering is coming from. Lord, give the spirit of wakening upon the those that rule upon Your Romanian kindred, to establish the kingdom of Your word back to its place, to tell the antichrist on his name and to redeem the Your dwellings with saints in the, for the antichrist wrote us on the walls and he sits on Your seat and ours, Lord!

— Oh, saints, the saints of the holy heaven, of Romanian heaven! I, the Lord, will do justice to you, for I made a seat of justice in Romania, and I make a word of justice out of it, and with My word I make your ways even to the people and of the people towards Me and you, and I am God and will overcome.

Amen, amen I say to you, the ones in front of the Romanian people: gather together and have a heavenly counsel, for I am the One Who sit secretly in this counsel. Put the saints back to their places! Amen. Have the fasting and prayer set in the churches, and the saints and Christian life in Romania. It is My wedding country, for I am the Bride in it; I am a word of love and resurrection in it. I am the resurrection from its dead, living and sleeping ones.

It hurts Me when I see sadness in the spirit of your saints, Romania. You were the most hurt among the nations, for the righteous from you had no longer place to live above your land, and were taken underneath as the seed which give forth its fruit. The time of fruition came. Turn back to a holy fruition in your middle, in your land. Amen, amen, amen.

And you, the people of My word, sit under My food; sit always under the rain of My word, for I feed everywhere on it. I came to you to weigh your character and to give you as an example of living, light and of My truth among the people. And I will come to teach you to weigh your character alone, and to know how to work with Me upon you, for you are My plough-share. You are My example before the people, and let he who will lay his hand on this plough not be able to look back, but look only to heaven and only to Me. Amen, amen, amen.